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With 24 years of expertise as a leading wholesale supplier and manufacturer, Fineall delivers high-quality silicone and vinyl baby dolls to enhance your collection.

  • Maintaining a Close Collaboration with Reborn Artists
  • Reduce the artist's time and energy spent on creation.
  • Swift 1-3 day packaging and shipping for non-customized dolls
  • Safety guaranteed through rigorous international testing
  • Flexible billing and financial support for long-term partners
  • Personalized 1-on-1 counseling with rapid 2-hour responses
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Reborn Doll Wholesale

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As a leading supplier of reborn dolls in China, we have helped our customers win favorable reviews and higher revenues with our fine skin texture and 100% silicone vinyl material, as well as pricing 20% lower than our competitors.

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Original Baby Doll Manufacturer Help You Wholesale the Top Quality Dolls and Save Money on Sourcing.

Fineall offers safe and realistic baby dolls at an average of 20% lower prices than the market average.

  • Baby dolls with diverse features
  • Clear skin texture and skin veins are visible.
  • Easy to clean and heat resistant, free from bacteria.
  • 100% silicone vinyl doll
  • Extensive doll kits and accessories
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  • Wholesale Cloth Body Reborn Baby Doll FA-885

    Cloth Body Dolls

    A lifelike baby doll, you will enjoy a realistic warm embrace, thanks to a weighted cloth body.

  • FINEALL Touch Real Silicone Vinyl Reborn Baby Doll Realistic Smiling Face Toddlers Girl with Hand-Drawing Hair

    Silicone Vinyl Body Dolls

    Realistically detailed doll with body and limbs made of soft-touch silicone vinyl.

  • Wholesale 100% Soft Silicone Reborn Baby Doll FA-249G

    Full Body Silicone Baby Dolls

    Not only realistically detailed and soft to the touch, these baby dolls have bodies and limbs made of silicone vinyl.

  • Wholesale Cloth Body Reborn Baby Doll FA-090C49

    Newborn Baby Dolls

    Choosing our newborn baby dolls improves the efficiency of the artist's re-creation process and soothes the trauma of special people.

  • Wholesale Cloth Body Reborn Baby Doll FA-006C48

    Toddler Baby Dolls

    Choosing Fineall's toddler baby dolls helps artists reduce the time and effort involved in re-creation and soothes the trauma of special populations.

  • Wholesale Cloth Body Reborn Baby Doll FA-182C

    African American Baby Dolls

    We offer baby dolls in specific skin colors and countries to meet the specific needs of different buyers for their dolls.

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Get Our Baby Doll Catalogs
Get Our Baby Doll Catalogs
Get Our Baby Doll Catalogs
Get Our Baby Doll Catalogs
Get Our Baby Doll Catalogs
Get Our Baby Doll Catalogs
Get Our Baby Doll Catalogs
Get Our Baby Doll Catalogs
Get Our Baby Doll Catalogs
Get Our Baby Doll Catalogs

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Want to Customize Your Own Baby Dolls?

Our design department and mold workshop have strong innovation abilities. We also collaborate with top European doll designers, keeping us at the forefront of the international market. We can quickly understand your ideas and help you realize them.

Tell Us What You Need

Our team can help you bring your ideas to life, whether it's a verbal concept, a sketch, or a full set of design specifications.

We'll Create Samples Based on Your Needs

Before starting mass production, we will create a sample to ensure it meets your requirements.

Sample Confirmation, Production Begins

Once you have confirmed the sample, we will proceed with mass production after a few more exchanges.

20% Price Advantage

Why Can We Maintain a Lower Price with Higher Quality?

We have a variety of test certificates, including EN71, Phthalates, CPC, Dyes, Cadmium, SGS, and ITS, ensuring that our products are safe, non-toxic, and odorless. Our quality exceeds international market standards.

Get Our Popular Baby Dolls to Help Boost Reprocessing Efficiency & More Profits!

Help You Earn More Revenue

Contact us now and let our dolls help you reduce the time it takes to create and process again and make more income.

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We handle Your problems.

Fast and Professional Support: Replies Within 2 Hours

We provide online product expert advice, customized solutions, and professional support that responds within two hours during business hours.

Peace of Mind During the Shipping Process

Fineall provides you with professional shipping services to help you receive your products smoothly and save you shipping costs.

Streamline Shipping Worries

Experience Our Professional Support and Services to Help You Make Faster Decisions and Reach Your Sales Goals in Advance

Help You Make Decisions to Reach Your Sales Goals

Experience our one-stop professional service and support from initial consultation to shipment, so you don't have to worry about more pitfalls and increased costs.

Getting Expert Support

The Steps You Will Go Through

The Process of Working With Us

Send Your Request
  1. Initial Consultation

    When you first communicate with us, our product specialists will quickly respond to your needs within 2 hours during business hours and discuss your specific requirements, initially analyzing them in preparation for developing a professional solution.

  2. Order Confirmation

    We'll discuss your requirements thoroughly and offer tailored professional solutions. Once you select and confirm the solution, we'll finalize production and delivery details with you. Payment can be made after confirmation.

  3. Sample Production

    After receiving your payment, we will start to produce samples for you and confirm the production time according to the actual situation. We will confirm with you at the first time after the sample production is finished, and we are ready for mass production after confirming that it meets your requirements.

  4. Mass Production

    After confirming that the sample is correct, we will start mass production for you, during the whole production process we will inform you of the production progress regularly, when there are special circumstances we will discuss with you at the first time, according to our agreed time to complete the mass production.

  5. Quality Control and Packaging

    After the completion of mass production, our quality control team will carry out strict and meticulous sampling of your products to ensure that your products meet the quality standards. After the quality inspection, your products will be packed by our packing team to ensure that they will not be damaged during transportation.

  6. Product Shipping

    After completing the packing and confirming with you that there is no error, we will arrange for you to ship, if you need we will contact the most cost-effective freight company for you to ensure that you safely receive the product at the same time to save your transportation costs, and significantly reduce your transportation problems in dealing with the consumption of a lot of energy.

The Value We Bring to You

Why Cooperate With Fineall?

With 24 years of rich experience and professional team and strong supply chain, we can provide you with one-stop all-round professional services, choosing us is the same as choosing success.

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Want to Create More Efficiently and Make More Profit?

Contact Us Today for a One-Stop Solution to Save Money, Increase Creative Efficiency, and Earn More Profits

Fineall helps you streamline your purchasing process and increase your profits and creative processing efficiency with our high quality realistic products.
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